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Do you really think that murray has been accused?

That he paid a deposit?

Truth becomes a lie.

Do you remember what I told? TMZ is part of a completely hoax … remember the first post on this subject? Everyone asked why I wrote the info from tnz.

Who is Murray interview broadcast yesterday? – TMZ!

How was the information up to date about what happened in court? from TMZ

Who discloses news, updates and always before the other? TMZ

Begin to understand the whole situation?

Who gave info about the death of Michael Jackson? Again the same answer … TMZ

Over the next few months will be disclosed documents … is fake, do not believe them.!!!

Please, listen me … TMZ recently added the name of Michael to the list of persons who died … after 7 months ….

Too many questions, too many people have asked to be there, there.
Flooded their phones and doubts …
Therefore, his name was posted there.

Well, just as the Murray … too many questions, too many people have asked why the doctor was not charged, why there was no process.

Proved to be an order request.
We asked, we got.

Another example … People wondered why the family did not visit Forest Lawn,and Michael did not bring flowers.
The reality show, got a response.

I hope that my words you happy, my friends. Do not give up because of something that never happened.

Murray NEVER go sit in prison, where the matter again, he did wrong, the doctor is in possession of incriminating evidence.

I told you that Michael knows what he’s doing.

The white man is a detective, not another Murray. (It has the same name as Murray)

And he demonstrates the investigation.

There were rumors of a protest before the court, and this is one of the reasons.

His life is no longer a threat.

Proof aggravating this can be , his return.

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