„The Mysterious Death of Michael Jackson”

A book about the ‚death’ Michael was released before his death?!

Once, I mentioned about this book, which was to be released the day before Michael’s death.

Even if it is still strange that within 30 days to deal with writing this particular book, since the police and the coroner can not say the „true cause of death.”

How do they know the mystery of ‚death’ by Michael so far do not know what happened and who did it. ?

Or just another part of the plan, and Michael is a miracle that it was either because editors already knew that Michael ‚die’.

Do you remember that Mr. Doo Doo?

Again wrote letter on the forum.


Beloved, come!
Herring whole process of reception and transmission of messages of love People to the world.
You are close to everything, do not weep for nothing do not believe in any newspaper, they want me lie
destroy nawed after death, but they can not do anything to me already, the only one who knows the truth is just me, the truth
My favorite soon comes to light on. Thank you god for the 7-months for your friendship, love
treasures do not have any money, if not objectively look at the highest point.
unless you are cheerful, friendly, and love as long as you believe, you will not fear!
Seek the signs they are not visible to the unbelievers. Do not believe in any date they are not true.
Do not forget to take part in the film. Do not look around around. I appeal to each of you who read my message today.
…………….. is received to this day as a great mystification,hoax.
Well you understand how hard it is. Now they lie to throw mud at television, but please you do not believe them.

gold tray

A new day is a chance!

Each question is a surprise?

I love you”

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  1. Wow, mysteriously… What is your motivation for rise up this article?

    But I say thank you very much for your information about MJ

  2. Your Welcome. 🙂 This information gather fans from across the Polish and I’ll put it here. 🙂 This blog is for the fans…


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