TMZ amaze me every day.

Dr. (?) Murray it in the clothes of 2005.

„These photos were taken in 2005 during the 2-week trip to Trinidad and Tobago. He was there with several of his closest friends.Michael Jackson Fun Fact: In a time when Murray was on the trip, the second trial of Michael began a harassment ‚

And this 2009.


The hearing in court:

Yellow car and the scarecrow from The Wiz .. could it another sign of Michael?

Look at the calendar in March, is marked with the date
as far as I see it 17 and 31 could it something in the topic?

(everything has its beginning in March)

There is no American flag?!

ALWAYS in court in America, the U.S. hang flags, but not here!!!

Flags are always in court:
Why was not the ‚hearing’ Murray? Maybe this a hearing is FAKE!

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