Excerpts of interview La Toya

Excerpts of interview La Toya:

Editor: Welcome
La Toya: „Hello, how are you?”
E: „Everything okay?”
La Toya: „Yes”

Amazingly La Toya was obviously very pleased and amused her participation in this program.

E: „Is Michael takes the same at all any decisions?”
L: „People with the feeling of indulgence controlled him and he was very hard for anyone to refuse”
E: „I see that you had knowledge that they szkodzili him, you were able to do something about it?, You could change this situation?”
L: „It is very difficult, because … , Because for us they did not allow it, I know something about this because once I was alone in a similar situation. It is not so simple, anyone you do not commit to not even phone home ”
E: „glad that the investigation into the death of your brother will soon come to an end?”
L: „, recorded as well (makes a very strange face) you surprised by some things that come to light. What is happening now is truly amazing, but until then I can not talk about everything.”
E: „And when we learn something more?”
L: „Maybe in a month – two”

„you surprised by some things that come to light. What is happening now is truly amazing, but as long as I can not talk about everything.” This is the most interesting part of the entire interview.
Is La Toya to make sure you speak about the inquiry?, Or rather, a hoax?.
We have no doubt, because what may surprise us in the investigation of death? „, A report from another autopsy?. haha!

E: „Let’s talk a moment about your song” Home. ”
L: „Yes, called” Home „label decided to give her and I, I considered that every penny of this song is dedicated to one of the foundations that support Michael. Wrote it to my partner 5 years ago says it is about a family that has long been present in the show business and Michael, how show business we split and how everyone behind him miss.

So the song „Home”, which is not so promoted was written in honor of Michael, it is definitely good news, which proves that La Toya did not create anything for the „dead” brother. After all, everyone said that the song is a tribute to Michatla etc.. Apparently NOT since Michael died.

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