I mean a red shirt with the number 777 Michael [probably more about what is it?].
I noticed that it is precisely this shirt in every picture.
Even so it seems to me that the dancers were dressed in the same or changed on a sample.
Michael changed clothes, but not quite so …
Impose only other clothes on the red blouse.
Because of all her clothes there.

And in the silver jacket and into the gray and into the black dress of Earth Song and Thriller, under the guise and under the blue blouses.

He still has the red shirt with the numbers 777

And I do not think that every day for about 4 months (so supposedly trained) to impose the same blouse.?
These photos must be from one day, because Michael is everywhere the same dirty right trouser leg.!
And knowing that he probably would not assume the same pants for a long time?

Overlooks the fact that This Is It was recorded at 1 or 2 days!
So why everyone says that as many as 100 hours testing?

Michael practiced by day and night .. but it’s still not enough for 100 hours.
Day is 24 hours. times 2 is 48 hours!

She added that recent photos do some there (can not remember his name) This Is It also came just one day, just from June 24 – ALL!

1958 + 2009 —> 3967–>3+9+6+7–>25—>2+5—-> 7


Symbol of the transmutation which takes place when a man becomes aware of the need to enter the path to God.

700 +70 +7 + Almighty Father Son & Holy Spirit of God.

(777 – the cross – from the Greek. Stavros).

700 – Father Almighty – perfection
70 – Wisdom, Light of the mind
7 – Number complete, the Holy Spirit

777 – back to the Supreme Consciousness

777 in numerology is considered to be a wonderful number
– So called, the angels have for you a gift.

In ezoteryce 777 means that virgin soul, which God gave life embarks on a mission to grow and go back and re-connect with their creator.

Go 777 lifetimes must be incarnate in the seven bar rotation so that the wave of life reaches 7 worlds.

The symbolism of this number is, therefore, ascension of the soul through the body.

Christ said:
„I am the resurrection”.

In Greek resurrection is written „h anastasiv” – that is, 777

Number 777 is used 1 times in the Bible.
It was in ancient times, the secret number of the Hebrews and Semites,
represented by a perfect and holy.

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