Again, writing DooDoo!

Poland and Poles
Time of reflection for each of you is getting shorter,
Fruits ripen in its diversity, autumn will bring you many sudden return of reality.
Christ commanded to love our neighbor, and in such moments as this, once almost stopped flowing at the same time as compacts
This year is only the last seconds, must suffice for all eternity.
And so remain, because your mind is too limited to be able to understand me, like ants, the mind is able to understand you – the people.

You must accept and accept this state of affairs.
Let it be, because it is very important
„The objective justifies the means”. Truly I say to you, not objective measures may be holy. Each power comes from God.
Since then, the man will always yearn to return to the carefree state of happiness, which features people are not burdened by a higher consciousness,
state, which can be compared to a happy childhood.

It was already a few people false pride is mixed with stupidity, do not admit to an error in the interpretation of fact, I confess,
That I’m going the wrong way, no way out. Yes! There were some, I admit.
Time has shown that they were wrong. When I finally reached them too late to help. For folly is always paid the high price.

You must forgive me, if you do not do this now I will not have to talk with someone on this earth.

New Ten Commandments will not leave you with a very prosaic reason, it is now, is the best proof of the ineffectiveness of the law written.

Can cause injury to yourself, do not do evil to each other.
Perhaps you think you will find a third way, which will keep the same order.
The need to measure the measure of the human heart – the heart.
Neither the time nor the wisdom of man does not change – because change is the only man capable of love.
Because love depends the future of human societies. The future of the nation state in Europe and worldwide.

In a word passes into the world.

Real World

Do not wait for me
I’ll be ready
Only I’ll be back again

Charlie is a large radius of innocent young woman with a big heart, like the novel mountain.

See the end is near
Thanks for looking

Colored light once again, your friendship is my greatest treasure.
love you.

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