There is still another letter:


Thank you for your letter written to me.

Not everyone responds to a question forgive me for this
I came to was to give a message and come to assure you that I have plans for the Polish and
They will be implemented regardless of the huge resistance from opposing forces me!
Everything depends on me, and we expect the same from you, in this complex time.

Who am I?
I’m … Who I am forever.

Ladies and Gentlemen now do not do anything to wait. [?]
Each of you at this time to decide which way to choose for themselves.
I am not a crook, he should not hurry to assess each person.
Believe in yourself, do not let another twist, people are envious.
God created man free, and it respects freedom.
Analize exactly what we do during the day, what you think.
Poles must be approached carefully to everything around you and everything you encounter in your life.
I can understand only if you can raise the vibration to a level where I can be myself.
Available for a long time.

My message is for you to have read many a smile of doubt and criticism of its physical characteristics of the mind.
Many of you, it seems that the whole world gone crazy. And it is not far from the truth.

I do not have time to talk too much and too long, and is based on science, which has already been provided.
Also, do not tell time. Because regardless of the time, back when I am sure it is just like child’s play.Needs a little time and a little more power it all takes time.
Be good, have to accept the inventors.
They find ways to attract millions of people to a new level of consciousness. Sing the highest note. Be an example!
step forward.

You have to endure to the end.

Now is the time when you need to understand that all possible deadlines have passed.

The new world could happen at any time.
The day that sounded yet another attempt to heart.

Do not worry about you, stop with the vanity, stop and hesitate to rush. Silent no matter what is happening around them.

We say goodbye to a very long time.

I love you Poles are not so good in the minds and hearts, because you only love and gratitude to God and the law Education.
Beloved Archangel Michael and the angels of fire protection permit.

Polish problems, we can see that it has strengthened us all, every individual, every human being.

Let them become stronger and our love. This is a difficult task and has many dimensions: personal, family, social and civic.

Love, understanding, and requires trust, remember and be ready for reconciliation and mutual forgiveness.

Love means devotion to family and friends, to society, the Motherland.
Do not let your pride and pride suffered. This is the biggest bane of humanity.
Let, and there shall not want a spirit of service, honesty, truth and concern for the common good even at the price of resignation from his generosity, the holy land as a princess!

Let them in these areas will not lack the desire for holiness, which are purchased by a competent, servant working in a spirit of love for God and neighbor.

How a man is honest, fair and generous, attentive to the dignity of their own and others, is open to others, helping them with advice and assistance, treatment of competition as a test of his humanity, the reign of the spirit over the body.

I appreciate the love this award more than medals.

Believe in yourself, no matter how much negative energy brings down. Throw it, and remember, I’m not beaten a legend.

I love you, Polish people are in my heart.

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