Something happens and it certainly is not normal!

Wow! Something is happening with the media – and it is something serious!

Can you remember how I wrote recently that Brian Oxman (Jackson Advocate) has confirmed that this picture of Michael from the clinic is fake and that it was talking about in the Italian news?

So ever since that time have been other interesting cases:

One of them is that The Sun published a recording of the transport Michael to the hospital where he was pronounced dead rescuers state.

Apparently they could not say whether the recording is so true statements about its authenticity were divided … Until TMZ (well known) yesterday published the article.

Notice the first words -”Michael Jackson Another hoax … ‚
hmm – another hoax by Michael Jackson … – Not counting the pictures and video from the clinic with RTL …

Well unless they suggest something, and looking at the comments, everyone knows what they can suggest. More and more people know that Mike is alive. 🙂

And yet not too long ago on TMZ could read about the raid on the airport Jermaine (link- ideo/ )

Strange that such a small setback TMZ no interest and see how the written – „Jermaine knows what killed Michael is the only secret-Shhhh …”


Now the second thing-a little more obvious – it comes to the most recent article The Sun.   look at the cover.

In the upper right corner is written – Michael is alive, sartling new autopsy proof (Michael lives, new shocking evidence of the autopsy).

Ok, so the article (to find him Put the title on the cover on google …) more or less says this is not possible that the autopsy was done on Michael’u because there are plenty of things that do not agree.
Such as hair color, height weight i.t.p. and compares it to Elvis MJ …

Explain: after all information concerning. Michael”death”that appeared on the internet and the press, I think there are 2 main media that are related to the hoax – are working together with Michael.

These are – TMZ (he was probably the greatest roles) and the Sun (it is worth remembering that The Sun, The News Of The World and skynews all the same)

They got a little more The celebrity and sensationalism on all the roles …

To confirm my assumption, I give a few examples.

-Who first said the”death”of Michael? – TMZ
-Who first published the picture of Mike from the clinic (Fotoshop)? – The Sun
-Who published all of the certificates”death”? – TMZ
-Who was the first published interview with the 911? – TMZ
-Who was the first published notes written by Michael before he died? – The News of the World
-Who still informs us about the scandals, the results of an autopsy, processes, investigations, etc.. – TMZ, The Sun, The News Of The World

[this is a lot they look for information on the MJ after jego”smierci”and you will see that 99.9% comes from the media!]

And when some time this type of media directly associated with Michael suggests that something is wrong and that it may be that Mike really sfingował his death – the question arises whether they want us to suggest that Michael be added soon came back and it was everything comes to an end slowly? I do not know, but at 100% of something happening.

Especially when one reads these articles.

Title-„Michael Jackson has given a sign from beyond the grave that Murray is innocent” – I have the impression that this character, in other words, come back, waiting for 8 months already.

Something happens and it certainly is not normal!

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4 KomentarzeDodaj komentarz

  1. I like your blog… and I just wanna add that until the whole truth comes out, nothing will be normal at all !
    Much love to all my beloved believers

  2. I no hey is alive,for 8 monds now L.O.V.E.

  3. @EternalMichael : Thank you. Yes, soon everything will come out. But I hope that fans will not turn away from Michael. He did not want to. Thank you. Hugs and kisses for you all.

    @josje: yes 8 monds now. He is Alive. Spread L.O.V.E

  4. I love you MJ.
    Volte logo.


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