Burial Forest Lawn in truth part. 1

Creators of this project, (for so it probably should be called) tried at all costs to be believable, and stressed that the relationship which was shown on TV is broadcast live relationship .. Therefore, a certain Rick Baker also called Hat manem phone with him during which he talked all the time (great behavior) but aside from that let us pay attention to what he says. Skorzystałyśmy with the assistance of a literate reading of the lip.

You see me on TV? so were his words. As if this whole situation does not look like what ever the question?. Like the entries from 3.09.2009, published in the official profile on Twitter by Al.? And Sharpton. The same content twettów there is nothing which would indicate that we are dealing with a hoax, but how you look at the manner and time of publication twettów it gets interesting. Let’s look:

– I am sitting at the burial services of michael jackson. I am talking to actress Lisaraye Mc Coy who was at NAN when MJ came and Tom Mesereau 7:30 PM Sep 3rd, 2009

from web

– Tom represented MJ in the child molestation case. We are all discussing his battles. This is a real moment for those who witnessed what he 7:33 PM Sep 3rd, 2009 from web

– What MJ went through was so unfair, yet he succeeded. In the end, he was the biggest artist ever. He faced the headwinds but he made it . 7:37 PM Sep 3rd, 2009 from web

– I just spoke at the conclusion of tributes. Gladys knight sang her heart out. Now we prepare to lay him top rest. 9:11 PM Sep 3rd, 2009 from web

– MICHAEL JACKSON HAS BEENb LAID TO REST 9:45 PM Sep 3rd, 2009 from web

Intriguingly, when what is actually re-established this as a very wronged by Michael accusing him of molestation?. Well informed about who is currently talking with so we had no doubt where he is. The only pity is that no thought, where sending a message to Twitter, and the fact that this information is simply to show the world. Well, send them to the website: http://www.twitter.com. Had Al benefited from a blackberry or internet phone there is indeed information: from UberTwitter.?. Rubbish maneuvers, which lead us to believe that either Al were not there at the cemetery on the day of the funeral or someone publish entries on Twitter on behalf of guarding Full schedule of events so that it does not reveal anything.

Unfortunately, we are not able to confirm any of these theses, but remember that it really did not know what the entire transmission was true and what is fiction. We suspect that it was not more fiction.

One more thing worthy of attention to the same background. Already evident artificiality probably does not surprise anyone, but let’s look at the prospect, which simply can not be deceived. Us compare a few pictures that we found on the Internet

Its role is played by the green area, where chairs were set up and the coffin. It demonstrates to the fact that everything we saw was recorded in the studio for ” Green screen”. The basic principle of recording in this manner is the perfect lighting. Therefore, the cemetery is installed great lamps that illuminate had everything perfectly. As a reminder, like the lamp used for filming parts of videos for the songs „Smooth Criminal” and „They Do not Care About Us,” which was shown on „This is it.” Plane transmission from a bird show everything that supposedly happened at the cemetery. There are two very strange things. First: the family initially agreed to this, that, such an aircraft could be found in the local area of the sky while a few days after the funeral began to speak, it was a breach of their privacy. Is afraid that we saw too much?. Let us remember that this aircraft has demonstrated to us, using the method of „green screen” is thus seen the transfer of large lamp placed above the cemetery.

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  1. Excelente investigación para los que aún tienen dudas sobre el montaje del funeral.


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