Burial Forest Lawn in truth part. 2

It should be mentioned more about the visitors’ book in the way of the two. First, the traditional, large, which formed part of persons arriving at the cemetery. I tried to deduce anything from these entries, but unfortunately the quality of video clips will not allow it. I managed to read only two in fact one entry. Randy Phillips wrote: „Mikey we almost make it,” which may be interpreted as the end of what?, Mission change attitudes of people to the media, hoax, or perhaps something much deeper?. Crisp is also the word „LIVE”, which is the first word of the sentence. It was written in capital letters. Unfortunately, hard to say what is written on and who is the author of this post.

The second book is a thin but just kilkustronicowa publication, it has received all of the guests. Title page of this picture of Michael with a smile on his face from the last scene video of LG. On the following pages are entries of the family (well known from the memorial) and a fairly extensive biography of Michael depicting him as a genius, a great, noble and incredible man. For this, however, already had time to get used to 25.06.2009, all so describe it, completely forgetting about the previously uttered words. It also describes the program of the funeral. Noted that the entire celebration will begin on the memorial as Pastor Lucius Smith and noted where the wake will be held. The last page is a mosaic composed of small photos of Michael depicting the major events of his life and the people closest to him.

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