the funeral of FL is FAKE!

Some time ago. In September, I had another blog. I had a blog on myspace.! This post was written today, which is very old, from the previous blog, but I wanted you to read it to you.!                                                                                               Remember that everything has been written on this blog is true because I was talking with a person … which made me realize that I have right.! The whole funeral was a game, it was magic.

Further proof that the funeral of FL is FAKE!

Consider a tree next to the rubbish bins. The most visible is in two parts of the movie 4:26 and 5:28. In the first fragment of a tree located next to the gray bin in the second passage no longer see the trees, literally, as if evaporated by the minute?. So obvious mistakes that can no longer be the case. If the film is not clear publish screenshots below:

Here is shown the tree near the garbage!

And now here is NOT

Conversations score on the „funeral” sentences are not as clear, but the closer wsłuchaniu quite understandable.
– A woman talking with actor Chris Tucker told him how to react when she learned that MJ is alive:
– Clifton Davis in a conversation with Elizabeth Taylor spoke these words (1:41) „He will be behind you really miss?.
Actor whom he had in mind?, Could it Michael?, A little strange in the case of a person who’s not dead ‚?.
– Audible is also a voice of someone who is outside the frame, which addresses three key issues:
(7:30) „ANYTHING THAT WILL stop the king of pop concerts from doing? What concert?, these could it when you return?
(7:07-7:09) „I can not believe he did this!” ? ? nobody can believe it.
– „Unfortunately we have been deceived? -Michael deceived almost the whole world.

On a specially prepared part of the cemetery, which was placed on the green material and white chairs set (after 7 seats in each row) gathered about 250 people, including close associates of MJ, the family (brothers and sisters), a few artists and friends.

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  1. I wont be judgemental, I just hope everything works out for the good. I’ll keep the Faith.

  2. OK, this is very interesting, but I have to watch it again to try to hear what you say they say.
    Thank you for posting.

  3. I do not care who MJ decieved he needed a break can’t people see this? If you are a true fan as I have been for 30+years you would understand the man was wearing himself out trying to Give to everyone, now it is his fans turn to give, give this kind loving man time to be himself not someone for his fans or anything he needs this. To those who will be judgmental think about him think about how he has to live! never getting to go anywhere without the media or poparrazi following. We have our lives we can come and go and take our family to outings and parks and have fun times. What really could Michael do? he could never go anywhere for family time without the harrassment of fans or media or poparazzi. We all love MJ and we should be considerate of him and respect what he did for us by respecting he needed this break. Please for him do not judge he is human also and he needs to be himself after all these yrs of being in the spot lite give him a break.Love you MJ and always will♥

    • @mini29000: I agree with you in 100% my dear!L.O.V.E

  4. I will listen with an open mind, but your English is a little mixed up I think.
    Will comment again afterwards
    Thank you for sharing

  5. Thank you and Keep the Faith.

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