Important Evidence!

Sometimes it’s very interesting to return to the old evidence and making new comparisons.

One of the interesting subjects in this investigation is the mysterious „man behind the gate,” when an ambulance came to Michael.

Could Michael watched from hiding as the ambulance leaving?

Let us remember that Michael was passing near the house just a bus with the tour.

Anyone seen Michael on a private video. 🙂 Even without knowing that it is he!

World Silent on two identical people. 😉
It certainly is Michael!


Stretcher and bags:
For sure everyone saw the movie and take out a „body” Michael from a helicopter.
Why is the „body” is NOT Michael belts tied to a stretcher?
And if his eyes fell on a million people watching it on TV?
You probably saw that they take off like a sack of potatoes.
After all, people are not doing so. Even if it only „body”.
Why not bound body?

And because they were formed in order to look more artificial than it is.
Not enough that it is FLAT!
The man is NOT flat! After the head and legs should stand out.
And here I do not see this?


Recently appeared on the internet image of the Son of Rebbie (Michael’s sister) in a T-shirt with the word BAM!


Anyone who has a heart attack or similar symptoms is given once in the ambulance drip! In Michael does not.


Why did the cameraman does not show its face and is covered with black thing?



Resuscitation of evil!
Hands for resuscitation is composed of a basket like hmm but in a different direction. The child even knows it! ; /
And with Michael … ? Normally, the arms are located!


Professional body bags to the coroner have CASTLE.
And with Michael? This is a node? Or any sheet 😉

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8 KomentarzyDodaj komentarz

  1. Very, very strange …………

    Watched a video on You Tube today where so many odd people and things were gathered together it all started to make sense.

    Anything is possible – I believe??

    God bless you Michael, wherever you are, we love you more

    L.O.V.E to all my MJ family around the world

  2. Great !!!!! I’m waiting for you Michael , I hope you have peace and quiet . I love you more for ever .

  3. very interesting

  4. i think things like this will drive him into hiding even more, he wants to be left alone, he’ll come back when he is ready, i believe we as his fans should have the good grace to finally give him what he has wanted for so long, peace. please love michael, but let him alone. he will come back when hes ready.

  5. michael is THE NEW JESUS

  6. micheal you will always be my most favourite famous star you are my idol you are my icon you will always be my insperation i will always be more than very greatful to you because you have done so much for this world and for all the kids who were very sick and very ill you were the 1 who looked after them as you said if we had listened to them and learn micheal our king of pop i thank you for your kindness micheal i love you so much from the bottom of my heart i really do // its your fan veronicatobeck

  7. if micheal jackson does get resurrectioned i want the king of pop to have peace and quite with out the dame paparazzees people chasing and hounding him like they have been doing i want the paparazzee people to leave him alone micheal jackson has never ever done anything wrong and yet there are all kind of people out there who judged micheal and for what i would like all those people who hate him is to leave him well alone for once and for all i love micheal jackson so much i will go all the way to stand with micheal jackson i will do anything for micheal jackson i want all rumors to stop ok

  8. You are all beautiful fans of MJ.


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