Hello.!!!    How are you all?


TMZ writes that on the children of Michael went to the premiere of the new film „Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” with … Jerm this son.

First, they say that Jerm children do not like  Blanket and children Michael .. A few days later go to the movies together happy and satisfied? ;/

Something about Alice in Wonderland:
Michael was very fond of Fables .. But this tale fits me here for all:
Same look:

„Alice, lazily spending time with his sister, he sees the White Rabbit in a suit, carrying a pocket watch.
Follows him into the rabbit hole and falls deep pit, past the shelves full of strange objects.
After a safe landing in the vestibule is a long glass table with a golden key.
Looking for holes in which to match the key, there is a small door, and behind them a beautiful garden. However, it is too big to squeeze through it. „

Alice is still in the „Dodo”? Dove (Dove is a sign of peace. Especially white. And who but Michael wanted to Peace in the world?)

White Rabbit is a poster of a magician Chriss Angel. (I think everyone knows what the poster already present)  🙂


Pocket watch:
This watch is on midnightmlk Twitter. And since June they say that it midnightmlk MICHAEL!

Gold Key:
Our key is L.O.V.E
Or GOLD key – may be the golden ticket to the THIS IS IT. Apparently whoever has it will have a free concert on The Return of Michael.


Whether a book about the Beatles to Alice his main inspiration, and often to them odnosili. Cover Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band contains a picture of Lewis Carroll. Other works include the establishment of „Cry Baby Cry,” „Come Together” and „Glass Onion”. The song „Helter Skelter” contains text similar to the lobster quadrille.

We know that Michael has recorded as if the „cover” the song „Come Together” because it is the true version of the Beatles.


Dzieci Przed Premierą Alicji.
Paris, Blanket, Prince, Jaafar i Jermajesty

I do not know but I have a hunch that this is a sign.
Children were not long be publicly do not know but I have a hunch that this is a sign.
Children were not long be publicly displayed.
And suddenly you go to the cinema … and it is all, and apparently does NOT like?
Maybe Michael thought that as we will see children going to the movies on „Alice in Wonderland” It will look something about this movie any tips or anything?

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