Fake Casting.

Everyone knew, worked for the same agency, some of them
Ortega occurred in the film, the whole casting the dancers were fake.

Those who had taken part in the project „This Is It” has already been made aware of this and signed a contract with them.
Moreover, few dancers were from Kenny Ortega from the fimu „High School Musical”.  ;]

The article of 6 March 2009 refers to the secret hearings is for the dancers to tour.

All these dancers certainly know what to do. They had an agreement before To bring the „This Is It”  😉

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  1. a lot of dancers dance in musicals and then they dance on the concerts… Ortega said before that he knew some from the dancers, it’s normal, not the clue…

  2. Kindly requested to the theresurrectionmj. Next time a reference to the author’s blog http://arvenru.wordpress.com/

  3. Hola!! publiquen e investiguen sobre el millonario contrato firmado entre Sony y los herederos de Michael durante 7 años.Gracias,creo que la noticia es importante.

  4. Ich denke das ist eh nur ne Modeerscheinung.


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