Recently in the news of the French began to talk about Michael’s death mystified. The title material is Michael Jackson toujours en vie? what to say Michael Jackson is still alive [?] .

Try to turn translate what is said in the film.

„Pourquoi Jackson urait-il  mis en seér sa propre mort??” Why Jackson was seen in his own death? (?)

They talk about the film .. and is shown in an interview of Michael, which he says that he wants to make a film.

Que s’est-il reellement passe le 25 juin 2009?” What really happened on 25 June 2009?

„Michael Jackson etait-il present a son propre enterrement?”
Is Michael Jackson was present at his own funeral?

„Michael je t’aime profondement et j’ai hate de te revoir jouer encore. Contiue ta magie” Michael I love you deeply and want you to see you play again. Continue magic. La Toya Jackson.

„Je t’aime tellement et j’attends avee impatience le moment de te revoir sur cette terre” I love you very […?…] to see you again on this Earth.

„Qui est reellement le docteur Murray? „ Who is really Dr. Murray?

Next arrange the word with your doctor first and last name: Conrad Murray-Murder by contra

„Les certificats de déees sont-ils des faux?” Death certificates are fake?

Then talk about the second name of Michael.

„Y-a-t-il des lapsus revelateurs?” Here I do not know what that means exactly .. something about the disclosure ;/

„Michael manipule-t-il les images? „ Are Michael manipulates?

Mention of the poster beLIVe

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