I have good news!

In Greece they say about HOAX.

It’s already 3 in the country where the saying and it seriously.!

And Poland like Poland. Shame on me for it because sometimes it is delayed the country. 😉

Link :

Poland has always waits until the last minute.


I found accidentally this photo
So even the thought of it …
There on the bed with Michael lay these things
Rosary, toothbrush, cd, doll.

But it is strange that Michael slept with brush your teeth or the plate?

After what has found on his bed shortly after the „death”?

CD … – As we know, Dear Mr. JOE June 25 CDs Michael advertised? 😉

Doll … – Honestly, I have no idea what it might mean? Michael likes to cuddle, dolls, and wear them on their hands.

Rosary …- (we know what that means). Love, Faith, Hope, that we believe God.

There is a proverb:
„Everything is God grant great power”

Toothbrush … – Associate me with clearing. We know Mike was cleared and the boy himself has recently said it was the true!
Now after all this (hoax) forgive Michael.

Be clean with no complaints about what he did. I hope that nobody will oppress him nor wypominał what he did.

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  1. I love your blog so much… It’s quite interesting. But I have one question: What are these letters from Doo Doo come from? I mean, do you whrite to Doo Doo and then he write back to you?

    Sorry, but I’m not so good in English :>

    • I do not know exactly whether I understood your question but I will try to answer. Doo Doo does not write to me privately. Doo doo wrote officially to all the fans. Messages are sent from him to the Polish website for fans.


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