Film „Death at a Funeral-enter” the cinemas April 16 … this year!
In Poland, July 23.

Look at the picture is 4 Black Brothers? and 3 sisters!
Like Michel!

In 2007. was released on video under the same title in England, now the Americans are doing their version! Why? Why now? ..

Let us note that it is SONY Studios! So as we suspect, a company which may be linked to the hoax.

sony is very close to Michael.


A story about a dysfunctional branch of the family, who meet at a funeral. The ceremony also participates man who demands money for maintaining the confidentiality of the great secret of the deceased. The sons of the deceased are doing everything to ensure that no secret was revealed. However, it appears that things are complicated, and the peaceful celebration turns into a disaster.

When it is checked the body of „deceased” fell the words: „That’s not my father!”.When it is checked the body of „deceased” fell the words: „That’s not my father!”.

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