I found the last encrypted message on youtube:

I did an overall analysis, this is what came out:

„Love is the genesis of disclosure”
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Hey there … What is truth? (Joker voice! And remember La Toya wrote this about MJ!)

„No one can possibly know what is about to happen, it happens every time, for the first time.”

Lies can be everywhere (newspapers, television, radio, internet, cell phone [sony ericsson! Make believe!])

The words „New York” (the song Alice Keys! The Empire State of Mind)

Where? A L I V E (after the creation of a whole)

How many letters are in the alphabet? (Number 11 on the top!)

You have to engage to exert influence. (Attention of the involved, that is tricky!)

Without mentioning names …
Discretion is the key
In no particular order …
LA TOY A (photo eye is La Toya looks! „)
CBJ + TCJ (I think that these are the initials of Jackson …)

Eiffel Tower-Paris

„Remember that we all have a charm in us.”
Later pictures magicians in the ANGEL!

Konvict (At the beginning most of the songs of artists issued by Konvict music can be heard the sound of prison goal, followed by the word „Konvict” uttered by Akon.)

guess … Sean John … (+ Photo keys)

Game over (on the shirt!)

Eye of Ra

strange, equal …
setting off soon …

The Sims (control someone’s life!)
Williams of the fingers on his mouth (silence)


Photo peas where one shows a sign of peace.
(Green? Green guy in the We Are The World!)

Eggs (Easter!)


Perhaps it is enough …?

If you do not understand, do not try.
Accept the fact that you can not / can not do.
Passion / passion is the genesis of genius.

Photo of saws (autopsy!)

I am confident that you know …


Now take a look at the profile on youtube LastSevenWords or person who is playing with us in these games. And what we see there?

The man who Passed, Away on his journey and took the shortcut to Heaven… Never really, Passed Away.
You may ask who I am, but I may be wondering the same about you…

What can sustain without being physical.

Bring two or more together.

Mean everything, even to the cynical and live forever…

A Crown, signifies a Prince.

The Eiffel Tower is the heart of Paris.

The world is not a Blanket woven from one thread or color but, many.

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