Doctors managed to bring off Michael!

Doctors managed to bring off Michael! for 10 min.

„Michael Jackson was almost brought back from the dead”

But why write about this only now? after almost a year !?

And for the moment they write that Michael is alive and rescued him and hid the truth from the world.
That may be true . 🙂

Wrote yet with this lawyer Michael said that there are 5 different versions of what these ‚drugs’ given by Murray …

„Dr. Cooper wrote:” In the report, Dr. Murray patient worked long hours, but he was not sick.
Have been reported only medications and Valium Flomax. There is no history of drug use by the patient, reported by Dr. Murray. ”

Yyyy.. ?

„It’s not going to be what we think, it’s filled with evidence from those on the ground who saw what Murray did.”

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  1. Coincido.Porqué se habla de esto luego de 9 meses? Porqué no decirlo cuando „murió”?


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