I would like to say something about Paris.

At the memorial at the Staples Center … As everyone knows Paris and her brothers behaved oddly … Bored .. chewing gum .. They laughed .. and as the camera showed it immediately turns into a sad people …

Paris was sitting all the time like this upset …

hmmm could it be afraid to forget that what is „play” before the whole world?

Before entering the scene in fact already on the scene put a tiny handset (professionally known as Micro-handset) into your ear …

Hmm forgot to insert it before entering the stage?

MICRO-wireless headset is so small that it can be inserted into the ear. With the handset on your ear, you can talk freely, it is not noticeable by people with whom we talk.
It can listen to the radio, walkie-talkies with the command, the mobile phone call or conversation with a different reception.
The handset receives the sound from the wireless loop.
Principle of operation loops through the head dress in clothing, for example, we combine it with a mobile phone, radio telephone, radio scanner, digital recorder or a cassette, minidisc, mp3 player, wolkman, etc.
Induction loop with built-in microphone and PTT Speaker Microphone can replace any standard radio.
Micro wireless headset is superb and irreplaceable if the device has a discreet communication.
Micro wireless earpiece is widely used by security guards in order to communicate with the center.

Here is a movie as Paris puts the handset to your ear and then goes to look for something in the bag …

Look at 0:47 min!

I’m curious as to who you communicate …
Because her whole family was with her on stage ..

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