one of the saddest days in Polish history …

I know it has nothing to do with Michael but this is one of the saddest days in Polish history …

The plane crashed Smolensk President’s Lech Kaczynski Tupolev 154-M.

During the plane flight was a thick fog. The plane tried to  landing four times.

Approach to land the plane most likely caught in a tree, and caught fire.

Governor of the Smolensk district announced that all passengers were killed.

Airplane burned down.

– On board were probably 132 people, including the presidential couple.

Lech Kaczynski and Maria. – NOBODY survived.

On board the Tupolev 154-M were 88 people.

let him rest in peace. [*]

Let us sing

Man In The Mirror Lech Kaczynski Kaczynska.

The plane broke up into several parts.

The Polish experiences.

This is a great tragedy for the Polish.

All the elite is dead.

Family Kaczynski, parliamentarians, the head of the NBP and the president of IPN.

Governor of the Smolensk district announced that all passengers were killed.
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  1. Mis condolencias a todos los polacos,desde Argentina.

  2. Wszystkie moje poparcie dla jego kraju.
    Jest bardzo niefortunne o wypadku.
    Miłość z Chile-Ameryka Południowa.

  3. Thank you with all my heart.


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