Lack of time.

Hello all! 

How are you?

Forgive me all that I broke my promise. I have a lot of work and lack of time. I don’t delete a blog, but I rarely wrote notes. I hope you’re not angry at me and you still remember about Michael Jackson. I hope you don’t lost your faith and you still believe and I also hope that this new year is better for you than the previous one. 🙂  Thank you, that I still get messages from you. It is very nice. Remember, he sees and loves us. L.O.V.E you all! God Bless You.

PS. Once in awhile I will try to climb on Twitter and maybe I can write notes.

If you have any questions for me, You can write here:                            

  And you can also find me on Facebook.                                    

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  1. I like your blog, it’s pretty cool, never forgot you and I thought it was about time to post, a great Thursday and a wonderful weekend. I would not quit and I still believe MJ. He is the love of our lives! Kisses


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