I would like to say something about Paris.

At the memorial at the Staples Center … As everyone knows Paris and her brothers behaved oddly … Bored .. chewing gum .. They laughed .. and as the camera showed it immediately turns into a sad people …

Paris was sitting all the time like this upset …

hmmm could it be afraid to forget that what is „play” before the whole world?

Before entering the scene in fact already on the scene put a tiny handset (professionally known as Micro-handset) into your ear …

Hmm forgot to insert it before entering the stage?

MICRO-wireless headset is so small that it can be inserted into the ear. With the handset on your ear, you can talk freely, it is not noticeable by people with whom we talk.
It can listen to the radio, walkie-talkies with the command, the mobile phone call or conversation with a different reception.
The handset receives the sound from the wireless loop.
Principle of operation loops through the head dress in clothing, for example, we combine it with a mobile phone, radio telephone, radio scanner, digital recorder or a cassette, minidisc, mp3 player, wolkman, etc.
Induction loop with built-in microphone and PTT Speaker Microphone can replace any standard radio.
Micro wireless headset is superb and irreplaceable if the device has a discreet communication.
Micro wireless earpiece is widely used by security guards in order to communicate with the center.

Here is a movie as Paris puts the handset to your ear and then goes to look for something in the bag …

Look at 0:47 min!

I’m curious as to who you communicate …
Because her whole family was with her on stage ..

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Janet’s new song

You’ve heard Janet’s new song?

It was released a few days ago … and it is very strange.

For me this song can be heard the voice of Michael.

I read the text
Also bizarre:
He immediately reminded me Hoax!
This tip?

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Doctors managed to bring off Michael!

Doctors managed to bring off Michael! for 10 min.

„Michael Jackson was almost brought back from the dead”

But why write about this only now? after almost a year !?

And for the moment they write that Michael is alive and rescued him and hid the truth from the world.
That may be true . 🙂

Wrote yet with this lawyer Michael said that there are 5 different versions of what these ‚drugs’ given by Murray …

„Dr. Cooper wrote:” In the report, Dr. Murray patient worked long hours, but he was not sick.
Have been reported only medications and Valium Flomax. There is no history of drug use by the patient, reported by Dr. Murray. ”

Yyyy.. ?

„It’s not going to be what we think, it’s filled with evidence from those on the ground who saw what Murray did.”

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I found the last encrypted message on youtube:

I did an overall analysis, this is what came out:

„Love is the genesis of disclosure”
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Hey there … What is truth? (Joker voice! And remember La Toya wrote this about MJ!)

„No one can possibly know what is about to happen, it happens every time, for the first time.”

Lies can be everywhere (newspapers, television, radio, internet, cell phone [sony ericsson! Make believe!])

The words „New York” (the song Alice Keys! The Empire State of Mind)

Where? A L I V E (after the creation of a whole)

How many letters are in the alphabet? (Number 11 on the top!)

You have to engage to exert influence. (Attention of the involved, that is tricky!)

Without mentioning names …
Discretion is the key
In no particular order …
LA TOY A (photo eye is La Toya looks! „)
CBJ + TCJ (I think that these are the initials of Jackson …)

Eiffel Tower-Paris

„Remember that we all have a charm in us.”
Later pictures magicians in the ANGEL!

Konvict (At the beginning most of the songs of artists issued by Konvict music can be heard the sound of prison goal, followed by the word „Konvict” uttered by Akon.)

guess … Sean John … (+ Photo keys)

Game over (on the shirt!)

Eye of Ra

strange, equal …
setting off soon …

The Sims (control someone’s life!)
Williams of the fingers on his mouth (silence)


Photo peas where one shows a sign of peace.
(Green? Green guy in the We Are The World!)

Eggs (Easter!)


Perhaps it is enough …?

If you do not understand, do not try.
Accept the fact that you can not / can not do.
Passion / passion is the genesis of genius.

Photo of saws (autopsy!)

I am confident that you know …


Now take a look at the profile on youtube LastSevenWords or person who is playing with us in these games. And what we see there?

The man who Passed, Away on his journey and took the shortcut to Heaven… Never really, Passed Away.
You may ask who I am, but I may be wondering the same about you…

What can sustain without being physical.

Bring two or more together.

Mean everything, even to the cynical and live forever…

A Crown, signifies a Prince.

The Eiffel Tower is the heart of Paris.

The world is not a Blanket woven from one thread or color but, many.

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Mystification among other

Whose beautiful name is among those who zmistyfikowali his death …?

-John Stonehouse , a British politician who faked his own suicide by drowning in order to escape financial difficulties and live with his mistress. John Stonehouse,He was discovered in Australia – where police initially thought he might be Lord Lucan – and jailed.

-„Lord” Timothy Dexter , an eccentric 18th century New England businessman who faked his own death in order to see how people would react. „Lord” Timothy Dexter,His wife did not shed any tears at the wake, and as a result he caned her for not being sufficiently saddened at his passing.

-Graham Cardwell , a Lincolnshire dockmaster who disappeared in September 1998 and was assumed drowned. Graham Cardwell, dockmaster Lincolnshire,Eight months later he was discovered living in secret in the West Midlands . He claimed he had thought he was suffering from cancer (though had not sought medical attention) and wanted to spare his family the trauma of it.He was not prosecuted.

-Alan Kirk Wolford, an American funeral home director who forged his own death certificate in order to evade significant debts.

-Steven Chin Leung, who faked his death in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in order to evade a charge of passport fraud.

-Dorothy Johnson, an American woman who allegedly faked her death in the September 11 attacks in order to collect on insurance claims allegedly filed by her daughter, Twila McKee. Johnson and McKee were charged in 2003 with insurance fraud.

-Ken Kesey , an American author who in 1966 faked his death and fled to Mexico in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid imprisonment on marijuana charges.

-John Darwin , a Briton who disappeared in March 2002 whilst canoeing and was assumed drowned until his discovery and arrest five years later and his trial and conviction the year after.

-Ace Baker , an American composer and 9/11 conspiracy theorist, faked suicide by gunfire while on a live radio show with Jim Fetzer . Ace Baker,Baker later admitted the stunt on his blog, calling it a work of performance art , citing his frustration with the rest of the 9/11 Truth Movement .

-Marcus Schrenker.

-Samuel Israel III an American hedge fund manager who was facing twenty years in prison for fraud left his car and a suicide note on the Bear Mountain Bridge in an attempted fake suicide in 2008. Samuel Izrael III,A year later he surrendered himself to authorities after tiring of life as a fugitive.It should be noted that it was always suspected that his suicide was faked since, among other things, passerby reported that a car had picked someone up on the bridge from near Israel’s abandoned car.

-Michael Jackson , an American singer/songwriter/dancer/director, who faked his death in 2009, in order to show the world that the media is not to be trusted.

False death is a case in which a single evidence to suggest that he is dead, in order to mislead others.
This is done for many different reasons, such as fraud to collect insurance money or to avoid capture by law enforcement for other crimes.
People who fake their own deaths sometimes do pretend drownings, since a credible reason for the absence of the body. According to the unnamed good time studies until the fourth suicide in San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, in which no body was found could be forged.
There are several how to books on faking his own death, including lost!, How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found, Creating a new identity and new identity Heavy Duty.


As well NOW Michael can also be someone dressed up and go quietly. Is not to know – right?

Making Thriller

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Sorry to tell you guys, but I am not him. I keep getting messages asking. Just wanted to clear that up. Much love to you all 🙂

11:37 AM Mar 20th via web

Everything comes out in the wash.

about 17 hours ago via web

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Film „Death at a Funeral-enter” the cinemas April 16 … this year!
In Poland, July 23.

Look at the picture is 4 Black Brothers? and 3 sisters!
Like Michel!

In 2007. was released on video under the same title in England, now the Americans are doing their version! Why? Why now? ..

Let us note that it is SONY Studios! So as we suspect, a company which may be linked to the hoax.

sony is very close to Michael.


A story about a dysfunctional branch of the family, who meet at a funeral. The ceremony also participates man who demands money for maintaining the confidentiality of the great secret of the deceased. The sons of the deceased are doing everything to ensure that no secret was revealed. However, it appears that things are complicated, and the peaceful celebration turns into a disaster.

When it is checked the body of „deceased” fell the words: „That’s not my father!”.When it is checked the body of „deceased” fell the words: „That’s not my father!”.

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I have good news!

In Greece they say about HOAX.

It’s already 3 in the country where the saying and it seriously.!

And Poland like Poland. Shame on me for it because sometimes it is delayed the country. 😉

Link :

Poland has always waits until the last minute.


I found accidentally this photo
So even the thought of it …
There on the bed with Michael lay these things
Rosary, toothbrush, cd, doll.

But it is strange that Michael slept with brush your teeth or the plate?

After what has found on his bed shortly after the „death”?

CD … – As we know, Dear Mr. JOE June 25 CDs Michael advertised? 😉

Doll … – Honestly, I have no idea what it might mean? Michael likes to cuddle, dolls, and wear them on their hands.

Rosary …- (we know what that means). Love, Faith, Hope, that we believe God.

There is a proverb:
„Everything is God grant great power”

Toothbrush … – Associate me with clearing. We know Mike was cleared and the boy himself has recently said it was the true!
Now after all this (hoax) forgive Michael.

Be clean with no complaints about what he did. I hope that nobody will oppress him nor wypominał what he did.

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So: add this blog because I searched for some very interesting information on the TNZ and Hoax ..

I warn you I am still a little shocked as I began to view this page.Sorry if the blog will be a bit chaotic, it is the whole mass, and total I do not know where to start … At the beginning of the most striking things.


Hoax, optimistic statistics …





My theory may be a strange …

Believer .. So the yolk is not too much ..
Players .. who can be played …? people involved who know what happens …?
People who do not believe – Protein .. It is quite big … So probably they are people who know and have heard about it that he lives but are not convinced whether this is true ..
Ripper .. Black plate .. I do not know who it might be .. people who can enjoy his ‚death’.

And in this ‚image’ writes something like this:

„However, TNZ does not intend to give any answer to the crucial question” When? „We simply want to recall …
We went close to forgetting about one of the trophies particularly valuable. Advanced part of the audience is lucky he learned to celebrate each day życiaTreść Bamsday is nothing but surprise. So wait for anything when you are waiting, waiting for nothing. For what are you waiting for, and what you think Joker is ambiguous (?) Mr. Jackson certainly make Another Day, will be … „

And here is a bit .. somehow I do not understand …

„Frankly, I often ask ourselves the same thing, because after at least three hours we are frustrated Bamsday continues to receive many letters addressed to the frustration of Mr. Jackson. So when I stop? – I’m wondering. Oooopsday, because, as shown by statistics, Oooopsday is much higher than Bamsday holidays.
So what’s wrong with happy afterwards?


And the calendar Hoax … (!)


See you in July … Indeed, it is now or will be 4 months (?!?!)
Look at the dates .. Here are the doc on the hearing and, This is it, new year .. Christmas .. and the top red balloons with the word „BAM” .. according to me is that if the axis … everything starts 25/06/2009 and ends in July 2010!

„Frankly, I often ask ourselves the same thing, because after at least three hours we are frustrated Bamsday continues to receive many letters addressed to the frustration of Mr. Jackson. So when I stop? – I’m wondering. Oooopsday, because, as shown by statistics, Oooopsday is much higher than Bamsday holidays.
So what’s wrong with happy afterwards?
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Fake Casting.

Everyone knew, worked for the same agency, some of them
Ortega occurred in the film, the whole casting the dancers were fake.

Those who had taken part in the project „This Is It” has already been made aware of this and signed a contract with them.
Moreover, few dancers were from Kenny Ortega from the fimu „High School Musical”.  ;]

The article of 6 March 2009 refers to the secret hearings is for the dancers to tour.

All these dancers certainly know what to do. They had an agreement before To bring the „This Is It”  😉

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